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Ep. 72 Sam Clarkson on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with studio potter and educator Sam Clarkson. Known for his functional pottery, he has shown his work across the United States and lectured in numerous art organizations including the Penland School of Crafts. In addition to his studio career he teaches at Cabrillo College. In the interview we talk about surfing, the similarities between teaching and coaching, and Clarkson's research into plant-based oil firing.


Ep. 71 Alleghany Meadows on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with studio potter and gallery owner Alleghany Meadows. Known for his functional pottery he has exhibited across the United States and lectured in numerous art institutions. In addition to his studio career he is a founding partner of the Harvey Meadows Gallery, the Art Stream Nomadic Gallery and the Studio for Arts and Works. Along with his academic training Alleghany apprenticed with Japanese potter Takashi Nakazato and was a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship, which allowed him to spend a year doing a field study of traditional potters in rural Nepal. In the interview we talk about the value of being immersed in another culture, as well as keeping studio time a priority in the midst of a busy family and business life. For more information please visit www.harveymeadows.com.

Ep. 70 Garth Clark on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with Garth Clark. A noted critic, provocateur, and advocate for ceramics, Clark founded the Garth Clark Gallery with his partner Mark Del Vecchio in 1981. Over the next three decades the gallery became the flagship for contemporary ceramics in America. Clark has authored more than 60 books and lectured at over 100 major venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Sorbonne University, Paris. His newest project CFile is an online periodical highlighting the role of ceramics in art, design, architecture, and technology. In the interview we talk about his early life as a journalist, the evolution of ceramics in the gallery world, and the founding of CFile. For more information please visit www.cfileonline.org.

Ep. 69 Live from Berkeley: Whitney Smith talks social media and Etsy

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast, I have an interview with Whitney Smith. Inspired by the natural world and the floral patterns of Art Nouveau, Whitney produces a variety of functional pottery in her Oakland, CA studio. In addition to being a full-time potter Whitney has been a devoted blogger since 2006. Her direct and humorous writing style has drawn a world-wide following to her blog, This Artist's Life: Life in and Out of the Ceramic Studio. In the interview we talk about crafting your story through social media, selling online through Etsy, and dealing with burnout. You can find out more about Whitney's work at www.whitneysmithpottery.com. The interview was taped in front of a live audience at the 4th and Clay Studio in Berkeley, CA.

Ep. 68 Live from NCECA: Virtual Clay with Epp, Field, and Kline

This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a panel on social media featuring Carole Epp, Michael Kline, and Adam Field. The discussion covers a broad range of topics including self-censorship, branding, and community service. Virtual Realities, Material World was taped live at the 2014 NCECA conference in Milwaukee, WI. This episode features the question and answer session that occurred after our individual presentations. To see a video of our presentations please visit the WatchNCECA channel on You Tube.

Ep. 67 Carter Gillies on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with Carter Gillies. A potter, educator, and devoted blogger, Carter maintains a home studio in Athens, Georgia. I discovered his blog a few years ago and he quickly became one of my favorite writers. He regularly tackles both the everyday and the extraordinary aspects of an artist's life. In the interview we talk about Carter's background in philosophy, his theory about the five stages of learning, and how selling online could change the way artists take risks in their studio. You can find more about his work at www.cartergilliespottery.wordpress.com.

Ep. 66 Diana Fayt on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with Diana Fayt. With a background in painting and drawing, Diana uses scrimshaw techniques to create rich compositions filled with folkloric images and symbols of personal identity. In the interview we talk about life in San Francisco, her approach to symbols and storytelling, and the development of her online e-course The Clayer. You can find more about her work at www.dianafayt.com.

Ep. 65 Ron Meyers on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with Ron Meyers. Known for his highly decorated terra cotta forms, Ron uses expressive painting and sgraffito drawing to create images of fish, birds, and other animal motifs, that often have human characteristics. In the interview we talk about finding one's voice as a maker, the development of his "usual suspects" characters, and how retiring from teaching energized his ceramics career. You can find Ron's work online at the Signature Shop, AKAR, and Red Lodge Clay Center.

Ep. 64 Michael Simon on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with Michael Simon. After studying at the University of Minnesota in the late 1960's, Michael set up a studio in the Athens, GA area where he has been making pots for more than 30 years. From shallow round bowls to complex squared boxes Michael developed a unique approach to matching form with decoration. His images of fish, birds, trees, and other nature-based motifs are simple in their geometric orientation but bold in their iconographic impact. In the interview we talk about intuition, the influence of Michael's teacher Warren Mackenzie, and a lifetime devoted to finding truth in the pursuit of pottery.

Ep. 63 Best of Season Two of the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This Best of Season Two compilation covers a wide range of topics including dealing with fear in the studio, searching for authenticity in a consumer society, and balancing family life with an art practice. The episode features excepts from interviews with Steven Hill, Richard Notkin, Bobby Silverman, Kyle Carpenter, Ron Philbeck, Michael Kline, Julia Galloway, Kristen Kieffer, Alex Matisse, Josh Copus, Lindsay Rogers, and Vernon, Pam and Travis Owens from Jugtown Pottery. For more information on these artists, or their interviews, please visit www.talesofaredclayrambler.com.

Ep. 62 Molly Hatch on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast

This episode features an interview with Molly Hatch. Trained as a potter her career straddles the boundaries between art, craft, and design. From her home studio in Northhampton, MA she creates prototypes that are replicated in factories and sold through major design labels. While employing industrial labor she continues to push the aesthetic of the hand in her ceramic, fabric, and home ware designs. In addition, she maintains a foothold in the art market with large scale one-of-a-kind plate paintings that are shown in galleries and museums. In the interview we talk about a variety of topics including using the factory as a tool, the dynamics of class struggle in the art world, and her recent installation at the High Museum in Atlanta. For more information on Molly's work please visit www.mollyhatch.com.

Ep. 61 Galloway, Kieffer, and Kline talk about trends in ceramic design on the TRCR Podcast

This episode features a panel discussion with Kristen Kieffer, Julia Galloway, and Michael Kline on current trends in ceramic design. Our wide-ranging conversation looks at the effect of the internet on the way we see design, the pressures on young artists to succeed, and dealing with the restless personality of the artist. Kristen Kieffer is a potter living in Baldwinville, MA. For more information about her work please visit www.kiefferceramics.com. Michael Kline is a potter living in Bakersville, NC. For more information on his work please visit www.klinepottery.com. Julia Galloway is a potter and educator living in Missoula, MT. She currently serves as a professor and director of the School of Art at the University of Montana. For more information on her work please visit www.juliagalloway.com.


  1. Not sure where the best place to comment is but I am loving your podcasts!!! I listen in the studio and when I take a walk and they are really great. Working alone in a studio makes these types of communications(?) invaluable! Thanks a ton and keep them coming!!!
    Judi Tavill

  2. Thank you Ben! Love listening to these in the studio. What a treasure!

    1. I appreciate the kind words Patricia. Thanks for listening!

  3. I love this podcast! Every time I listen, I am confronted with so many great ideas and considerations for my own work. I market my work as being great for food presentation and preparation, so this episode gave me a lot to think about. Thank you so much for making Tales of a Red Clay Rambler so accessible, I know so many artists in many medias who think very highly of this podcast, and wouldn't miss listening to an episode for anything.

    1. Hello Derek, I just ran across your comment from earlier this month. Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!

  4. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderfully inspiring ideas! I listen to the podcasts after I am home for the night. Unfortunately, I do not have my own studio, but rent space a public one. Which is great, there is a lot of positive energy there! But being able to watch and listen to other more experienced potters is invaluable to some one as new to the art as I am. Thank you for having this available to us! Have a blessed New Year!

    1. Hello Mary,
      Thanks for getting in touch and for listening to the podcast. Hope you had a good holiday season!

  5. Hi, I'm a grad potter from UNT under Elmer Taylor, and a follower of your podcast and instagram. I would like to plug my undergrad professor, Brandon Phillips, from Abilene, TX. He is featured in both the Schaller and the Cooley Galleries, and has been a vendor in ACC shows at numerous locations. He was also one of the earliest pottery bloggers and is pretty tight-knit with the Kline, Carpenter, Philbeck blogging community. Brandon has been up to a new development lately where he is switching from all wood-fired to a waste oil burner system. If you ever make your way to Texas and find yourself in search of a new guest he would be a deserving candidate. Thanks, Will